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Pixelynx Labs (pronounced Pixel-Links-Labs) is a software and equipment solutions company founded in January of 2014 by video producer and software trainer, Jon Acosta.

The company was created under the notion that technology and hardware solutions for video creators can be extremely overpriced or completely monopolized by a lack of innovation in the production industry for novice and intermediate visual storytellers.

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Pixelynx Labs is on a mission to change the “overpricing” dynamic of video equipment by crafting their entire business model around “creating affordable production solutions for the indie video maker”.


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Pixelynx Labs prides itself on offering first-rate customer support and troubleshooting.  In a nutshell: They love helping their customers and will do anything to make them happy.

The company’s second product (currently code-named “Lemon Drop”) is set to launch late 2014; this time as a hardware device that novice to intermediate video creators will be able to use in conjunction with their iPads.