Newly available DreamSync app synchronizes audio and video files together,
allowing the video editing process to be streamlined and frustration-free.

March 20, 2014, San Francisco, CA – Today, Pixelynx Labs LLC announced the launch of their new software, DreamSync, which was created to simplify audio / video sync for editors working on the Mac operating system as well as Windows OS later this month. DreamSync is intended to make life easier for aDreamSync interface press release audio vide sync wide range of users including everyone from beginning filmmakers to those creating corporate videos. Currently, the company is offering a 30-day free trial at

Company Founder Jon Acosta worked in the post-production field for over 8 years and personally experienced the struggles that editors face. He realized audio / video sync was one of the most common sources of frustration. In turn, his company set out to offer the ultimate solution that virtually anyone can use.

Acosta points out, “Empowered by new technology, DreamSync can help filmmakers create high quality work on a low budget and with minimal hassle. We aim to make audio / video sync sexy for the first time, instead of a foreign language for new video creators.” Immediately after the software’s Beta launch, its demo picked up over 500 loyal users.

Users simply drag video files and audio files into their respective bins, and hit “sync.” DreamSync takes care of the rest.

Acosta elaborated on what makes DreamSync so unique, “Our biggest and only competitor is PluralEyes (by software conglomerate RedGiant). But if you’re new to the video industry, it can be a daunting program.” While DreamSync exports audio and video into one simple file, PluralEyes relies upon XML exports, which are solely compatible with high-end professional editing software programs.

Acosta adds, “DreamSync is a standalone application that lets the exported video files import directly into iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, Sony Vegas, and any other free or low cost editing software. PluralEyes just can’t do this.”