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Pixel-Who-What ?

Pixelynx Labs (pronounced Pixel-Links-Labs) is a software and equipment solutions company founded in January of 2014 by video producer and software trainer, Jon Acosta.

The company was created under the notion that technology and hardware solutions for video creators can be extremely overpriced or completely monopolized by a lack of innovation in the production industry for novice and intermediate visual storytellers.

Mission Statement

Pixelynx Labs is on a mission to change the “overpricing” dynamic of video equipment by crafting their entire business model around “creating affordable production solutions for the indie video maker”.

First-Rate Customer Support. Always.

Pixelynx Labs prides itself on offering first-rate customer support and troubleshooting.  In a nutshell: They love helping their customers and will do anything to make them happy.

The company’s second product (currently code-named “Lemon Drop”) is set to launch late 2014; this time as a hardware device that novice to intermediate video creators will be able to use in conjunction with their iPads.


DreamSync (for Mac OS X & Windows 7 & 8)

DreamSync is the first consumer-grade audio/video synchronizing tool that takes away the pain-staking process of matching audio clips to their designated video clips.

It’s a a standalone application that lets you:
1. Sync separately shot audio and video (Imagine recording yourself singing karaoke and syncing it to the real song so you sound like a rockstar instead of completely wasted)
2. Trim these newly synchronized video clips down to only what you need
3. Import these new synced clips into your favorite editing software like iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, Sony Vegas, or Final Cut Pro.
Immediately after DreamSync’s Beta launch in February of 2014, the demo picked up over 500 loyal users. The software continues to grow exponentially in amount of users and added features to improve its functionality.

To download a free trial version of DreamSync and immediately start saving yourself hours from painful audio/video sync, check out our official DreamSync website here:


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About Jonathan Acosta

Jon Acosta

CEO, Project Manager

Jon Acosta has been a video producer of TV commercials, web series, music videos, and corporate events for the last 8 years under his brand, Acosta Productions, and former multimedia company, POINT.CLICK.SHOOT. Acosta is also a certified software trainer who is passionate about helping people find easy and cost effective solutions to their video production related dilemmas. In keeping with this motto, he founded the company, Pixelynx Labs, LLC in January of 2014.

Pixelynx Labs’ mission is to “create affordable production solutions for the indy video maker”. DreamSync is the company’s first digital product release and has been well received with over 500 users so far.Tutorials, training and tips for filmmakers can be found at Acosta’s own production website



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